Aaron “Humble” Gonerway Mastering The Lense!

Aarone humble gonerway alwayz therro 2

Model – Sarah Slaughter
Camera Canon EOS 5D Lens 50MM 1.4 FD

What’s the motivation behind your most recent shoots?
I’ve been doing this for about three years now and recently I’ve started to fall into my own lane. For the longest I’ve shot what people wanted me to shoot and I wasn’t a fan of the results. I started to shoot what I want and be more selective on the subjects and locations and it’s been paying off. The real motivation is seeing my improvements from where I started to where I am at now. Also having a strong support system is motivation as well, Having my queen Yolanda Jade by my side and she supports my photography, which is hard because I hear from people all the time, “what does your girlfriend think” or “ I couldn’t date a photographer” I had to learn to separate myself from the subjects that I shoot, knowing that in my mind I’m more focused on getting the perfect shot .

If you can do photography for a living, would you?
In a heart beat, Ive always dream about having my own studio and working for magazine.

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Growing up did you know you would get into photography?
Photography found me, I got into it after and during my divorce. It changed my life, I’m obsessed! I spend hours studying and trying to become a better photographer. I know my journey is not over and I’m excited to see what the future has in store for me with my photography.

Did you have a favorite photographer
Right now I’m loving Amar (@pictureboi) and Kesler Tran, Instagram makes it hard to have a favorite photographer, cause you have access to see a ton of talented peoples work. Which is great in a way for inspiration and ideas, you can take from a lot of them and make it yours.

What city do you have on your list to go to before you die?
I want to travel and shoot in LA and New Orleans, to me they both have a ton of culture and it’s a photographers paradise.

What is a must have on set?
Music is key to have on set for me, Im huge on beats and instrumentals and still my jolly ranchers.

How can we follow you online?
Right now I only have Instagram @humble_Visisons

Aarone humble gonerway alwayz therro

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