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How did you start modeling?
Being an actress, I am surrounded by so many artistic people. I was asked to model for someone and accepted it. I started falling in love with it as I love the art of photography so much. Now modeling has pretty much become my main job and I love it!

Tell us what are you into besides modeling?
Well, I’m currently in grad school with a plan on becoming a drama therapist. Aside from that, I am an actress, singer, guitarist, dancer, director, and choreographer. I need to be deeply immersed in artistry in order to be fully happy.

Who is your favorite artist?
Gosh, so hard to choose. I love so many ancient artists and the amazing work that was set forth from them. I also, love up and coming artists who are not recognized. I can spend hours just on instagram admiring the work from so many different people.

Did you grow up with a large family?
I grew up with a large crazy mostly Italian family. Unfortunately, I lost many over the years and have a smaller family now. The one person who has meant the most to me is my sister. Throughout the years, she has always been there for me and she truly means the world to me.

What do you do in your free time?
I’m really an incredibly boring person. I do dorky stuff with friends like go bowling. I’m so busy that I rarely have free time, so when I do, I enjoy just chilling, playing guitar, eating, and spending time with my sister, boyfriend, and friends. I also enjoy yoga. Yeah, I said I was boring.

What’s the biggest city you’ve been to?
Honestly, not quite sure. Let’s go with NYC because, well, that’s where I spend most of my time.

What’s your most favorite city to visit?
Honestly, New York City is my favorite. It just suits my personality so well. There are so many different types of people there and so many things I do. I spend most of my time there and hope to move there in the near future.

Lexy Nicollette for alwayz therro 2What city do you have on your list to go to before you die?
LA or San Diego. Another goal of mine is to one day move to California because the weather is perfect for me there.

Do you like pets? Do you own any?
I’m a huge animal lover and advocate. Including being a vegetarian so animals are a big part of my life. I currently have two cats who I absolutely adore.

What turns you on about a man?
When he is his complete self and doesn’t give a fuck about trying to conform to any type of societal norm. I need a kind heart who knows how to treat a woman right.

In bed what’s your favorite position?
On top

Are you a giver or taker during sex?
Usually the taker but I try to keep it even.

What’s the easiest way to get a woman to climax?
Each woman is different so ask what she wants and give it to her.

What instantly gets you off?
When we are both so into it and it’s really passionate.

How can we follow you online?
Through my instagram @bohemiansongstress. You’ll find tons of my photos there. I’m obsessed with that app!

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