5 Ways to make sure your dreams come true

Ever been a place where all you ever want to do is check out of this reality and check in to your imaginative world where you are the creator of magic? How fun is it that everything we desire exists in that world, every possibility, every creation! Why is it that we are not able to actualize that imaginative world into our reality? How many times have you thought about doing something and procrastinated by saying “oh let’s start from the beginning of the week or from the beginning of the month.” We have all been there. But why do we really do that? Why do we procrastinate? Well let me interest you in one of the reasons you might do that. You know that actually committing to doing that particular thing that you are procrastinating is going to create something amazing for you, something different! Well isn’t that wonderful? Limiting ourselves so efficiently. How many times have you just lived all the ideas in your mind and never actualised them in reality? Too many. Is it finally time for giving birth to all the ideas into reality and end the gestation period? Here are 5 Ways that might help you have a nice birthing experience!

Write Them Down
Start by writing down all you ideas in a journal. This is the first step to the creation of the ideas. When we write down what’s going in our mind it helps us to look at what actually is possible for us to create. Seeing the things written in front us would enable us to choose what we would like to start with. One of the essential things to remember is that no matter what comes up, be in allowance of it! It doesn’t matter if one day you come up with urge to write a book, it’s not insane, trust me! That’s how I started writing. I had started a group of teenagers all around the world to share their experiences of creating their life and having fun while at it. For a while I just wrote small messages in the group but one day I realised I had so much more to share! So I started a blog. Yes! Just woke up one day and made a blog, didn’t even give myself the time to judge or procrastinate it! Glad I didn’t. What judgments, projections, expectations do you have about ‘creation’ or your ideas that keeps you from creating from the space of total creation and allowance? Now would be a good time to let them go!

Stop Mental Processing
Thinking! Isn’t it our favourite task? It’s so funny that people always say think before you act and that mere process of thinking becomes a bane for our creation! We take the saying a little too seriously and keeping thinking and thinking and thinking and never creating. It is extremely important for us to take that first step towards creation. Thinking does not create anything while actually doing something, even the smallest of thing might open a door of possibilities. How many times have thought of doing something, anything like writing a book, joining a dance class or any activity and stopped yourself from actually doing it by thinking too much. Safe to say, WHEN YOU THINK YOU STINK!

Be grateful
Be grateful for all your ideas no matter how crazy or weird they are. Be grateful for yourself and refuse to go into the wrongness of “you”. That would result in nothing apart from you being stuck in a big loop of degradation. Loop of degradation is where you find motivation and take a step forward towards creating your life but then fall back into the trap of thinking and wrongness of yourself and your ideas, and this process keeps on repeating in a loop unless you decide it’s time to step out of it! Everywhere you are choosing to be caught in that eternal cycle will you please destroy and uncreate it all and choose to come out of it? Whenever you start going into judgment of yourself, your work, projects or ideas ask – Who does these projections belong to? Who does these judgements belong to? If I were being myself would I really be this judgemental?

Start With A Couple Of Projects
Just Start! And start with a couple of your ideas so that you don’t bore yourself out. One of the most amazing things about humanoids is that we get bored with things easily and we are always looking for some other thing to do. So don’t bore yourself out and go for it! Not it. Them! Go for them! Please while you are at it do me favour, don’t expect too much out of yourself. It’s okay to make mistakes, don’t pressure yourself to be a perfectionist because all that leads to is dissatisfaction. Expectation Kills Creation! It’s okay if something doesn’t work out, there is always something else to work on.

Go And Have Fun
Last but not the least, always HAVE FUN, lots and lots of it, too much of it. Beyond what everyone thinks is appropriate for this reality. Have so much fun that make people around you wonder why are they not having as much fun as you! I know it sounds hard, to create and have fun at the same time. But trust it isn’t, try it out for a change
, Ask everyday – How Much Fun Can I Have Today?

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