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Having been single throughout my life, I can tell you it can be a drag when it feels like everyone is coupled together but you. The reasons might vary – busy with a career, taking time out from the dating pool, evaluating your priorities, keeping things casual. The list could go on! There have been times I didn’t want the pressure of having to impress anyone during the honeymoon phase of dating. Trust me, it’s better to be yourself than force a good time with someone you’re just not digging. Think of it like this, how much are you spending on dates with women you just aren’t into? It adds up! That alone is one reason to stay single if you aren’t really looking!

Let me assure you, taking time for yourself and skipping dating is perfectly okay. Don’t put pressure on yourself to make romance happen. It’s a much better use of your life to spend your time and energy on the people and things you want in life, than with someone you’re just not into or shouldn’t be with. For guys especially, I feel like perceived social loneliness can make a guy cling to a woman who just isn’t right for you. You should want to be with someone because they make you happy, bring out the best traits in you, add some wonderful qualities to your life that weren’t there previously, and support who you are wholeheartedly. The right woman can elevate your life. The wrong woman drags you away from your full potential. Remember that gentleman the next time you’re on the fence about a woman!
Now that we have that out of the way, let’s get into 4 things you can do to celebrate the single life:

Guys night:
Make it a Gentleman’s night out! Have a night on the town and celebrate your freedom!! Go bar hopping, hit up a poolroom or a sports bar! There’s no pressure tonight to impress anyone! Well, unless you’re counting high scores (or most drinks); then get medieval on your friends’ butts! Who else can you be yourself without judgment but your crazy friends right? They’re here for you when you’re up and when you’re down. They also know what to blackmail you with, out of love of course! LOL

Throw a party:
Throw a kickback for all of your single guy and girl friends. Tell you friends to invite their singe friends. NO COUPLES ALLOWED. It’ll be a no pressure night for everyone involved and you just might find someone to connect with. That or everyone can just share their worst dating stories! Everyone loves to hear about trainwrecks!

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Plan a road trip:
Get out of town for the day and make it a mini trip. Get out of the familiar and just explore. Go off-roading with the guys. Pick up some rods and go fishing. Go camping out in the woods, desert or wherever you want! Check out that new golf course. Anywhere but stay home! You’re not out to impress anyone with flowers and a gift. Instead you get to gratify yourself and just live in the moment!

Take the night off:
Don’t feel like being around others? That’s okay too! Order from your favorite take out place and watch the latest movie that’s out or revisit an oldie. I personally love horror films and get completely absorbed into the story. Great way to take your mind off romance when you’re watching everyone get chopped to bits! Ha! If you’d rather be in the driver seat, pop on Call Of Duty, Halo, or your game of choice, then go get out some pent up aggression!

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Spend time with your kids: If you’re a dad, remember to show your kids how love is supposed to be expressed and what they mean to you. Take them out to the zoo, go spend the day playing with them, let them know they’re dad’s little man or daddy’s little girl. In the long run, your kids will be better off for it and have some great memories to cherish!
So you see, you can certainly celebrate and enjoy the single life. Think of it as a blessing and not a curse. Be happy with yourself regardless of your relationship status. Celebrate your achievements and celebrate you! Remember that you need to fully love and accept yourself before you can give and receive love.

This article was written by Simona Fusco @simonafusco.official

Simona Fusco is the founder of ‘Perfect 12’, a high-end executive match-matching firm in Beverly Hills, California.  Prior to this, she was a successful model and actress with 30 film and television credits to her name, which include “The Pool Boys”,  “Beerfest”, and TV shows such as “Crazy Girls”, “Entourage”, and “Shark”.  Simona is currently producing the sequel to her movie “Beverly Hills Christmas” which airs during the 2017 holiday season. In commemoration of her mother, she founded the Maria Grubber Foundation, aimed to help parent, children, and loved ones affected by terminal cancer.  Simona was born in Milan, Italy, having moved to America to pursue her modeling career.

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