5 Reasons Why Should Shouldn’t Leave Home Without Your EOS Lip Balm This Summer

EOS lip balm has been a must-have item for women around the world for years. The adorable spheres are not only delicious, but they are also the absolute top-of-the-line ingredients that live lips feeling absolutely luscious. Summer can be brutal on your lips. This EOS lip balm review will give you five reasons why you shouldn’t leave home for the sunshine without your EOS sphere!

1. Protection
We all love Eos for its incredible ergonomic design and its super-soft feel. However, EOS also has the practical benefit of offering your lips unparalleled protection. Many people turn to lip gloss or lipstick to provide color and sheen. This can lead us to forget to keep our lips soft and supple. After all, you only get one set of lips in your life – you need to take care of them!

2. Hydration
Each gorgeous EOS lip balm sphere is jam-packed with the kind of ingredients that provide pure, natural hydration for your lips. Your lips are delicate and dry out easy due to daily use for eating, drinking and talking. Coconut oil, olive oil, vitamin E, antioxidants, and jojoba oil are all packed into every EOS lip balm sphere to make sure your lips are getting a massive boost of hydration with every single use!

3. Protection
Even those of us with the biggest passion for protecting our skin with sunscreen often forget about our lips during the heat of the summer months. Your lips take a beating during the summer and they should receive just as much protective care, if not more, than the rest of you. Eos makes three spheres with SPF. Pink Grapefruit and Aloe spheres both have SPF 30. Lemon Twist eos has SPF 15. Additionally, there is an EOS Medicated Cooling Chamomile that is perfect for people with ultra-sensitive lips or to use in case you forget to protect your lips and you do get a sunburn. You can look at any EOS lip balm review to see which one sounds best for you!

4. Natural Ingredients
Many brands claim to be natural, but EOS lip balm actually uses completely natural good-for-your-lips ingredients. No exceptions. EOS works hard to make sure you are only putting the finest ingredients on your lips. Also, 95% of EOS products are USDA-certified organic products. According to EOS’s website, the volume of organic materials that EOS purchases every year would be able to fill up the Washington Monument’s base up to 10 feet. For example, EOS uses more organic beeswax than any other company across the globe. Beeswax has always been a holistic, natural moisturizer for centuries. In fact, it was the ancient Roman people that first utilized it to make their skin soft. You can check out any EOS lip balm review to read more details about the quality of their ingredients.

5. You’ll Be the Envy of the Beach
Let’s face it – EOS lip balms are absolutely adorable! They’re fun, flirty and they’re the perfect way to stay stylish no matter where you go this summer. You can pop them in your purse or your beach tote for an excellent way to be the trendiest one on the beach this summer! Eos also has shaded tints and shimmer spheres that are perfect to give your lips a little extra pizazz while keeping them exceptionally hydrated. Remember, no one says you have to share your EOS!

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