3 Ways To Expand Your Brand With Photos

grow your brand with photos

Does it occur to you when scrolling on Pinterest, that some brand stands out because of the style of their photo and visuals? It is sub-conscious, but through the use of consistent and impressive photos, the brand has created an impression in your mind. It is because pictures are easier to remember than text.

People who view your photos are more likely to remember your brand than those who just read a text about your brand. Our brains process visual 60,000 times faster than text. By creating brand awareness, not just more people find out about your business, but also when customers are ready to make a purchase, your name pop up in their mind.

Here are 3-ways you can expand your brand in 2016

Blog Post Graphics
You can increase traffic to your site by using Pinterest. By actively using pictures in blog post graphics, people tend to go over and share your content on social media. With stunning photography in your blog post graphics, you can increase your content reach in visual content marketing platforms like Bloglovin, Pinterest, ‘and Instagram.

Sales pages:
One of the best ways to convey the message behind your products and services is by using photos on your sales page. By using pictures that enable the user to imagine using the product / service will help them determine whether your product is the right fit for them.
Photos also help users unlock features of your product or service that would otherwise be difficult to understand. Also, studies show that a claim having an image is more credible than another without a picture.

Product photography:
At a time when Airbnb opened its doors for business in New York, they went round the neighborhood taking high-quality photographs of whatever they came across, and this doubled their income. It is surprising, but apparently when it comes to deciding whether a product is worth buying or not, 67% of customers appreciate the quality of the image over reviews and product description. So if you have a product, endeavor to get a high-quality photo of it in the product description; this helps to expand your brand especially if you’re offering a high-quality product.

How to achieve it
When choosing the right photos for your brand, make sure you align them with those that need to see it—your target audience. What kind of image will be the most appealing to your audience based on gender, age, location, occupation and interests? For instance, if those you are targeting are mostly women between the ages of 20-30 with an interest in fashion, you might want to use images with a feminine theme that women of that age can fancy. By doing so, you can connect with a large number of women within that category who might be willing to share your content if they like what they see.

I can assure you that good photo can expand your brand and your company’s blog in 2016, so take the best photos for your brand and take it to the next year.


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