Clear your mind

Never let the world or situations get you in a rut. Never let people make you move faster than you are supposed to. Appreciate everything and however long it takes Read Article

Keep your composure

No matter what happens to you. Keep your composure. Never let anything break what you doing. This life will never give you what you want. You have to go get Read Article

Take your time.. do it right

When we going through life we tend to want to rush everything. From money to success. Take your time and build up the way you know you should. Focus on Read Article

Get past every setback

Just because things look down on you now that doesn’t mean it’s going to be this way forever. Get past every setback and make new goals for yourself. The only Read Article

Push all the way to success

Keeping yourself motivated is something you should embrace and appreciate. Things won’t always go as planned with life and you just have to suck it up and keep driving. Keep Read Article

See the world

We are all going to die… before that happens make sure you actually go out there and see the world and what it has to offer. See the world for Read Article

Create space for peace

Peace is the only thing keeping our families together. Peace will keep you sane when all things are looking bad against you. Peace will be the reason you are able Read Article

Be addicted to good energy

Appreciate when someone comes in your life and give you that energy you need. Focus on the things you want and want to attract. Never take advantage of anyone who Read Article