It’s ok to be different

Never think becasue you don’t think or do what everyone else does. It’s not going to be a big deal. Do what you do. Make sure you keep that energy Read Article

Keep learning

Everyday you are going to find things to make you sound crazy. You wil lwant to give up and not want to focus on what you’re supposed to do, but Read Article

Work on yourself

When you work on yourself you are pouring from a full cup. This cup is your money and emotional supply. Make sure you have the available resources to be able Read Article

Disregard what people think

When you constantly think about what others think about you it will limit your ability to focus on the things you need. Pick up your chin and do exactly what Read Article

Keep shooting

Shoot until you finally start breaking the net. This life is all about working and working until you no longer have to. Focus on your business and the business growth. Read Article